Saturday, August 15, 2009

That's Mighty Neighborly of You!

When we first purchased our house, 9 years ago, I never even gave one crucial aspect of house-buying a single thought.... what our neighbors might be like! Over the years we've had neighbors come and go. Most have been such amazing people, and I've been privileged to live on the same street!!

The other evening I was once again thankful for our next-of-door friends. In a spectacular prairie storm, our sweet little shed just about flew away!! Our a/c unit had just malfunctioned, so I was washing dishes with an open window (it smelled soooo good!). It was thundering and flashing like crazy. Suddenly, the wind had a funny sound to it. It sounded like a train.... now we can hear the local train, so it really could've been a train :) .... but they always say a tornado sounds like a train.... Anyway, J had gone into our room to close the window and yells out - "uh, you're gonna wanna come and take a look at this!!" Stunned, I saw our metal garden shed (which still had a screw or two mounted in the back) literally FLAPPING in the wind!! Yikes. Not good.

So, out we dashed! In a jiffy, one neighbor hopped his fence (pretty nimble! I can't imagine doing that and not ripping my shorts ... which has actually happened to me ... and was only mildly traumatic ... I am not a very good fence jumper!!) and the other came scurrying across our yard. In no time flat they all grabbed the shed and pinned it down with some extra patio blocks (I never knew it was a good idea to keep extra patio blocks - just in case - :P...)

In a day and age when we're too busy (or too reserved) to go out and help our neighbor, this was so refreshing. It made me stop and wonder - what kind of neighbor am I? Well, I'm not a fence-jumper, that's for sure ;).


Roo said...

we have been blessed with such awesome neighbors. i am gratefull for this gift as well.

a very sweet life! said...

And you, my friend, are a spectacular neighbor as well! Once the fall routine settles in, we must get together again :). Or better yet, head out for a stroll after the babes are tucked in bed! Diggy will want to come with, of course, but he's a pretty good secret keeper :p.


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