Saturday, January 16, 2010

Glamour girl :)

I don't much think of myself as a glamour girl.
Plain Jane Vanilla is more like it :).

But TONIGHT is different!!!
This very evening I had the lovely opportunity to receive both a MANICURE and a PEDICURE.
Envious :)?
Yessssss. It was given to me by my four year old daughter. Since dear J was off on a guys night this evening, we had to do something to pass the time creatively engage in post-dinner activities :) before bedtime. At supper, which included the ingredients of mac & cheese, sausage, and popcorn - hey anything to make this a tad easier!!! - I suggested to Little M that we paint her nails. We hadn't done that in a while. Sweet K would get her toes done too (she's a finger sucker and at this point is not a candidate for nail polish!).

Can I paint yours too, mommy?

GULP. Yesssss, yes you can. Little M squealed with delight - I don't think she was expecting me to agree to this little idea! Well..... a little nail polish never hurt anyone...right :)?

So here I am, basking in the post-bedtime quietness, all glammed up with cotton-candy pink nails (uh, including toes - not just toe NAILS, but my actual toes!!) and no place to go. Maybe I'll go grab my good book :). Cheers!

PS - Note to self.
1. Make sure it's a wipe-able surface.
2. double check to make sure there's polish remover in the cupboard!
3. Oh yeah, and tether the two-year-old "helper" to a chair or something because she's into EVERYTHING!!

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Robin Fehr said...

sounds a little chaotic, but fun...


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