Friday, January 8, 2010

Gratitude - Beauty

I've been longing to do a gratitudes post for a while. These holiday weeks, not only have we functioned on far less sleep and a far fuller calendar, but I'VE HAD TO SHARE MY COMPUTER TIME TOO!!! Sheesh! What next :)? With J around, needing the computer every quiet moment we've had around here, my access to the world wide web has been very .... limited :P. But gratitudes have been stirring in my heart none the less. Today I am thankful for a few of the things that I find beautiful. They leave me speechless, transfixed, nurtured and healed in some way.

1. Laugh lines crinkles :).  Especially ones that are featured on the face of someone who is laughing hysterically along with me. Someone who knows me as well, or even better, than I know myself because they have stayed the journey with me. Someone who can laugh and cry with me at the same time - and eat a lot of popcorn with me too :P.

2. The joy of music. I have always loved music. Music with words that say what I'm feeling far better than I ever could. Tunes that tell a story. Songs that convey emotion without uttering a single syllable. These days, I have a few songs on "repeat." They connect me with a deeper sense of abundant life.

You just can't listen to this one quietly at all!!! - I've Got A Feelin...

3. Snow. It is miserably cold. It takes FOR-EV-ER to bundle up the babes, load up the van, fasten the safety belts, just to drive a few blocks to avoid the -40 wind chill. Even my pooch hates going out in weather like this. But it sparkles. And it is soft. And cozy. And when it snows those big fat flakes, I'm stuck in a snow globe all my own. And I love it. To me (from the security of my cozy home :P) it is magic!

4. Home-grown moments. To start our Monday off just right, I played this video for the girls because it is fun and because it brings tears to my eyes every time ;). Love is worth celebrating, right :)? Little M is completely enthralled by all things "marriage" related right now. As we showed J when he got home from work, jumping up and down, she squealed with delight - "Look daddy!! He's marrying her RIGHT NOW!!! He's MARRYING HER. He's M.A.R.R.Y.I.N.G. HER!!" She is so excited to see the bride dancing down the aisle. At J's suggestion, we got out MY wedding dress and showed the girls. It was such a special moment. Especially when each girl got a chance to wear my veil and prance around the house like a princess. It was breath-taking. And I wanted to stop the clock. Because, I'll close my eyes (and after nights like we've had, it wouldn't surprise me if I actually slept years and years and years :P...) and wake up, and it'll be their turn, and time will have gone far too fast.

5. Solitude. There is nothing simpler, grounding, clarifying than sitting quietly, alone. This morning I had a whole glorious hour (the last one by the light of my christmas tree, which was taken down today - BOO!) to ponder faith and life and love. It was spectacular! Also, as is usual, it ends with Little M wandering out of her room, all sleepy eyed and adorable, looking for a warm place to snuggle and wake up to the world. It is good.

And there is more. Usually I am for 10. But I'm tired and don't want to be legalistic about it ;).
I am thankful for beauty and that's that :P!!

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Robin Fehr said...

Great post! I'd like to have seen pics of the girls wearing you veil!
Too cute!
We'll just blink and watch - those two will be off gett'n hitched! Watch out Daddy!


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