Friday, January 29, 2010


It has been "time to get out sans babies!!" for quite some time. The last time I was out alone, to putter at my own speed, aside from the ocassional painting project at church or a prayer meeting -- was before Little M's birthday in December. That's at least a month and a half ago!! My "Winnipeg Run" list was getting rather lengthy, and I knew that it was time to take matters into my own hands :).

You see, I used to wait for the "Day Out Fairy" to show up at my door, lovingly tell me that I NEEDED to get out and that ALL NECESSARY ARRANGEMENTS had been made. I waited for someone else to give me a break, to read my mind (and all my ornery cues!!!), and to help me "take care of me." 

No such fairy exists in my life. And it's GOOD! Because it has forced me to take responsibility for my own needs, and discover freedom and confidence in that! It's a bit of a balancing act sometimes, but I am grateful for the lesson :).

And let's face it. If the "Day Out Fairy" miraculously arrived one day, in all my stubborn and prideful character, would probably say - I can do it MYSELF, thank you very much!!! Oh what a complicated creature I can be :).

So, this week, when earlier plans of getting out were kyboshed due to weather (gotta love those Manitoba winter storms!), I promptly made Plan B.
I asked a friend to watch the girls (our parents do a lot of childcare for us already, so I wanted to spread out the luuuuv a little :P) and headed off to the city, detailed list in hand.

I am soooo excited! This week I started to tackle the living room, adding personal touches and setting things out again after the Great Paint Project. It has been so. much. fun. I gathered a few items (well priced, fun little do-dads :P) and promptly set them all out to see how it would like. I like what I'm seeing :). I'll post soon :).

In the mean time, it was a perfect way to end a week that has had many many challenges, but some huge blessings as well.
Which is good.
It was time to get out!!

Oh my. This pic was taken many MANY moons ago, long before I was married :).
I spent a fabulous summer at camp in ALBERTA, and my friend LEAH (rare name, it was fitting
we should become such amazing friends!) and I headed to a local petting zoo for an outing.
We thought this was terribly funny.
Still is, to me!
And I haven't seen those jeans in a long long while, either!!!

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