Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Hooligans :)

Not all of these pics are from the holidays exactly :), but from the days leading up to them too!!

Little M, snuggling our fuzzy little pooch :).
Ahhh green grass. Where hast thou gone :)?
It'll be a wee while before we see thee again!

Oh yeah! That's a WHOLE lotta sass goin' on!!

Little M's first dance recital...
A proud-parent moment where I almost cried....

And laughed so hard I did cry!
As you can see, Little M did not want to be dancing with the other girls.
She spent the entire 30-second experience ducking behind one of the other lucky ladies :)!!! She's giggling and laughing and peeking at the audience.
I'm glad we got it on video, because I laughed so hard I could barely see straight!
That's my girl!!

Little M with her new art easel.
We spend many many many hours drawing :).

Sweet K participating in her "part" for Grandmas's annual
"Christmas program" :).
How'd she get so grown up so fast :)?

I luuuuuuv fuzzy jammies! I couldn't resist these for Sweet K.
Jammies with floppy feet, bedhead and that still-sleepy look

Can you believe that my friend MADE these tutus for each guest at her
little one's birthday party!? They are so delightful.
Sweet K sure gets a kick outta hers ;).

One of my "New Years Ideas" :) is to remember to get the camera out OFTEN! This fall, with all its fatigue and frenzy, it stayed in the cupboard way to much. It's time to get it out again. :)


Roo said...

oh! i kept meaning to ask you how the dance thingee went!!! ours was amazing too. sooooo amazing, heh? xo

sweet k looks sooo beautiful in the tutu. :)

Robin Fehr said...

O.k, I just laughed so hard I cried. These are too cute!!
M is so adorable in her dance recital, and K... the yawn in the fuzzy sleepers.... oh my, so adorable!!
Love the art easel and tutu too... too much... too much...!!


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