Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years Day!

I would like to start the year off right - by creating a list of completely unreasonable expectations and not anticipating on keeping a single one :). But, alas, I will not bore anyone with the hundreds of things I'd love to change about myself, and switch to a more entertaining topic instead.
Like, where on earth did the month of December go!? Oh yes, now I remember. It whizzed by in a sea of lost shopping lists (don't even get me started!!), birthday party mayhem, a heater that went on the fritz (the NIGHT, of course, before the big birthday bash, at 10pm between cake decorating and packing bags...), Christmas celebrations and a trip to Vegas. Yeah, I threw in that last one for fun :).
Approximately 2.5 weeks ago, I freaked out in traditional Leah-style, desiring to eradicate the month of December from the calendar year. However, we survived to tell the tale. Let me share a few highlights with you :).
We celebrated M's 3rd birthday. Somewhere, sometime between December 21, 2005 and December 21, 2008, my beautiful first-born daughter stretched from a tiny little infant (8lb, 2oz) to a witty, expressive, talkative little girl. I will do a whole post on her birthday, which was simple in comparison to some elaborate events I read about online (you find out all sorts of things when you google "dolphin party"!!!)
But I cannot begin to convey the stress that results when Dollarama closes at 9pm during holiday times. C'mon people! When Walmart is open 24/7, you can at least extend your hours to those brief windows of time when the rest of us are able to get away for a few quiet moments!!
Anyway, Thursday night before the party, the day when I'm running around like a maniac trying to get laundry done, suitcases packed for Las Vegas, children tended to, birthday party stuff ready --- the furnace breaks. Yup. When it's -40 loveliness outside, it's 10pm at night, and the timing juuuuuuust isn't great! So, at 10:03pm I am simultaneously on the phone with the gas company and decorating M's dolphin birthday cake. Who says moms can't multi-task :)?
Long story short - the furnace couldn't be fixed that night. The birthday party rolled on without a hitch. Some young fellow came the next day and fixed the furnace (we did warn him about the houseful of children under the age of 4!), which was very nice, we got our bags packed AND we flopped into bed at a delightful 2amAnd we think that 11:30 feels late!!!
Friday, December 19, we celebrated M's birthday with her little friends. What fun a birthday party can be! It turned out very well, all things considered.
The next few days were full of preparation. We celebrated Christmas with family, got a few last minute things done and then...
VIVA LAS VEGAS! A family member had invited us to share holiday time with them in Vegas. So. We went. Traveling with babies isnot the same as traveling with adults, but we all lived to tell the tale. Sort of. I think I lost a few days of life due to stress, but we flew in, flew out and enjoyed our time in between. I will save a whole post for our Vegas extravaganza. There is much to tell :).
And then, finally, we landed. We came home. We settled in. We took time to look through presents, stories, laundry :) - and breathed. Oxygen is very important, so I hear, and I find that when life is harem-scarem, I forget to do that. Helps to clear the head and heart :).
Next year, stay tuned for Advent: Unplugged. !! I long for an Advent season that is less dramatic and more conducive to reflection, worship and appreciation.

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