Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ode to summer time

these days, with the wind chill clockin' in at balmy -30-something (hey, and that's warm compared to the -48!!! they are forecasting tomorrow!!), it is imperative that we remember - summer is a'comin'!! i feel funny writing about this, considering i just posted about how much i love snow and winter and sparkles and yada yada. but every gal has their limits. when words freeze before they leave your mouth - you know it's just too plain cold out there! 

so. today at lunchtime, little M & I had a conversation that revolved around all the dreams we have cooked up for those warm summer days. sweet K finds herself along for the ride!! here are a few mirages on the horizon that keep us going....

 - the beach. nothing like cleaning warm, gritty sand out of a diaper. :) but there's nothing like that sun-kissed feeling either. vitamin a (or c or d or whatever it is that we're supposed to absorb from the sun!) therapy. slathered in coconut-smelling sunscreen. 
 - going for walks. right now, our little pooch is outside for a grand sum of 5 min. every day. he's very efficient when it comes to having to get out and go to the washroom when it's so cold that snot freezes. he even walks on two legs!! (the front ones!) i am soooo looking forward to wagon rides and stroller walks, but even MORE SO, strappin' on the ipod and taking Diggy for a walk!
 - camping. last year we invested in a mondo-tent. it's huge. thank you canadian tire! our girls love it! and, sweet K will be walking by that time (hopefully!!) and it will be fun to be outside (and easier to set her down on her feet instead of her bum!). 
 - heading to the park. okay. i'm not sure WHERE they get it from, but it's a well-known fact that KIDS have ENERGY! nothing like an hour on the jungle jim to make the bedtimes a little easier. and hey, where other moms gather, and snacks and juices flow aplenty, there is ADULT CONVERSATION! 
 - gardening. veggies - i can't wait to plant a little container garden for each of the girls. cherry tomatoes (of course), peas and maybe some carrots, just for fun :). we'll have plenty of garden produce, and i want to plant some of these mini pumpkins for the girls and i to craft with in the fall. AND raspberries and strawberries, and FLOWERS OF COURSE!
there is so much to look forward to, and the dreaming also sweetens this day. a cozy home day, with hot tea, quiet time and a great novel. who could ask for anything more!?

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