Thursday, January 29, 2009

PomPom Folly


I'm not sure what possessed me...
Was it the glimmering $2.50 walmart price tag?
Was it an eager attempt to bond with my daughters over "crafting"?
Was it madness?

I'm still not sure.

Whatever the motivation, we had a pompom craft factory happenin' over here yesterday morning. Valentines Day crafts. Between the glue gun, the young one pulling on my pants trying to eat the cord, and the older one thrilled because she actually got to sit on the table (consequently a few key pieces were missing!), I'm actually surprised we got all three critters done without superglueing anyone to the floor!

It was an exercise in ... ahem ... patience, to be sure (there's - or mine!?).

Here are our delightful Valentines gifts, all ready to be shared.


As you can no doubt tell, I'm not a stellar photographer. Bear with me. I'm a mom with a digital camera, but I'm shameless in my thousands attempts of learning how to use it! :)

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