Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow fall

The Snowfall Is So Silent
The snowfall is so silent, 
so slow, bit by bit, 
with delicacy it settles down 
on the earth 
and covers over the fields.
~ Miguel de Unamuno ~

The snow is falling ever so gently here on the Manitoba prairies, and I LOVE IT! Trapped in a snow globe, I always feel --- and I love the rush of a fresh start, a clean journal page, a story just itchin' to be written. And now, snow angels. Kids love to make snow angels :).

And I do love snow. Weird, I know.  

Always have. Good thing, too, because I am born and raised in Prairie-land, and like it or not, we get our fair share of snow around here. I have always been facinated by snowflakes and their artisitc beauty. (Yahoo!! I am not the only one! Check out SnowCrystals for someone who has made it their life work to study crystal formations and photography! Stunning!!)

I love the dazzling beauty. But, even more so - I find myself drawn to the One who has made it all.....

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