Monday, January 19, 2009

It's true. Perspective IS important!

The difference between a mountain and a molehill is your perspective. 
 ~  Al Neuharth ~

Today is the first day - in my entire life - that I am wearing glasses held together by duct tape. In a flash of inspiration on the weekend, I actually ORDERED a NEW PAIR OF GLASSES, just knowing that these ones were on their last ... arms. And I was right. In the middle of romp-on-mommy time yesterday evening, my youngest crawled onto my head and there was that sound. That "knitch" sound and I knew that my 4th pair of glasses were a done deal. But since I planned ahead on the weekend, I should be walking straight again in 5-7 business days (yeah, in Canada, apparently, we no longer have 1-hour-optical solutions :)!)

So, I am getting a life-lesson on the importance of perspective. I am discovering that a perspective-gone-awry can lead to serious injuries - headaches, misjudging distance, stairs can be an issue :P, entrenched wrinkles (from all the extra squinting) - and just the overall fuzzy view of life.

Kinda like when my internal perspective is off. A skewed view can result in strained relationships, internal angst and - more headaches :).

For those who may not think that perspective is essential - try walking around with lopsided glasses. You might change your mind!

And kudos to planning ahead!! 

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