Saturday, May 16, 2009

As a mother, I hope to…

Last Sunday, in honor of Mother's Day, I was asked to share a little bit about the mother I hope to be. 

Man, that's a daunting task!! It's worse than creating a list of all your new years resolutions you've ever made EVER - because let's face it. There's potential here to miss the mark by a country mile!!

While there was much more to my sharing than this, here goes the TOP TEN finale!!

10. Maintain my sanity! Especially when lack of sleep is an issue, it doesn’t take too many children’s books before you are not only SPEAKING but THINKING in rhyme. Thank you great master, Dr. Seuss!!

 9. Recognize my limits. We’ve all got’em, but most of the time we live like we don’t. Consequently I get grumpy and snarly and not at all pretty. Inspired by the country music legend Kenny Rogers, you gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.

by the way, I was not aware that KR had an "essential" collection. I guess there are truly a few "essentials" I can live without!!!

 8. Laugh hysterically every chance I get. I am a huge fan of the Far Side, and if you are not aware of Gary Larson’s fabulous comics, you may have missed a few chuckles.

 7. Stay active with my kids. Sheesh – with all the work involved with taking kids out of the house, it’s surprisingly easy to become a hermit!! First you have to find the toques, mitts, scarves and other assorted outdoor gear. Then you actually have to DRESS everyone. And then - juuuust as you are about to step out the door - someone whispers --- I gotta go PEE!! However, every year we rediscover the joy of bike rides, playing at the park, romping around outside and simply dancing around the kitchen together. Last summer we bought a huge tent on sale at Canadian Tire, and look forward to lots of camping experiences together.

 6. Take time for myself. The other day I flipped through the calendar, only to discover that since December (and I’m not sure how long before that because that’s when the most recent calendar begins) I have only gotten out for the day by myself once. ONCE!! Friends, I tell you, this is not good! I nearly freaked out! In fact, one of the first things I said to Jon when he got home was that come rain or shine (the weather affects my baby-sitter options now that farming season is close at hand!) I was heading out next week. For the entire day, ideally, or only for the evening if that’s what it came to. Otherwise, it wasn’t gonna be pretty!!

Editor's Note :) - since Mothers Day, I DID treat myself to an e.n.t.i.r.e. day out. It was fabulous. My two main goals were - unhurried. uninterrupted. I am a much happier camper!

 5. Explore the beauty and wonder of creation. I am forever entertained by Little M’s questions – well that’s not entirely true. Often they are entertaining, but sometimes I ask her to just be quiet for a teenie tiny moment to give my ears a rest!! One day, while gardening, Little M leans over and asks – “Mommy, do worms have teeth?” Well, I’ve never thought about it before. I didn’t think they did, but how could I be sure? I researched it on the internet! I discovered a lot of cool things about worms that day, but I still won’t touch one with my bare hands! We often talk about the fact that God made some pretty cool creatures though.

 4. To embrace each day with the same enthusiasm my kids do. Sweet K usually enjoys a few quiet moments in her crib before officially greeting the day, but Little M has always bounced out of bed with exuberance that cannot be contained. After a nap one day, the first thing she said to me was not hello. Was not let’s play or anything like that. She said with great authority – “Mommy, spiders have eight legs, ladybugs have four and dolphins don’t have any.” I howled! Eventually I did correct her and say that in fact, ladybugs have six legs, however she was accurate with the other accounts.


 3. Be creative. There are some people who like art. Then there are people who do crafts. I am not the former J. Sometimes it feels like there is not enough energy to create something with my hands and my imagination, but I know that when I do, I am always invigorated. 

Or not. Sometimes I create “crafts” that turn out horribly – just ask dear J who’s patiently received more than one wonky, yet-ever-so-well-intentioned gift!

 2. Love, honor and respect those I walk this life together with. This isn’t always easy. I don’t know, maybe we’re weird, but we tend to have conflict in our home. And honestly, sometimes navigating through all the angst and habits and fatigue and emotion of every day life feels like a lot of …. work. But in that, and through that, we are given opportunities to grow in our abilities to relate, confront, forgive, connect.


 1. Seek God every day. He has, by His great grace, accepted me as the ruffian that I am, and only by this amazing grace He will help me become the mother I hope to be.


Robin Fehr said...

Great post! I love that last picture :)

Roo said...

love your thoughts.
your list.


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