Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Picturesque pinwheels!

Ohhh. In this grey and dreary land of Manitoba, we are desperate for the splash of springtime color that is usually in full swing by now!

Last Thursday I enjoyed a glorious day of out-and-about-ness all by my self! I could get used to that :). Of course, I couldn't resist snaggin' some goodies for my wee ones. Especially from Dollarama :).

I picked up a couple of pretty pinwheels for the youngsters to add to our garden. When I'd left the house in the morning, all my beautiful tulips had been bitten by Mr. Frost and weren't lookin' too great. What little color had sprouted seemed like it would die off in an instant! So, I thought Little M and Sweet K could each plant a pinwheel and we'd make the most of it until June and sunshine rolled around!

So, this was our contribution of color to the neighborhood.
Until today. When Little M decided to play "kick the pinwheel" and the little twirly thing went flying off. Sigh. A mother does what she can :).

However, on a positive note :P, my tulips have bounced back beautifully, and cheer us every day with their sunny little faces!


1 comment:

Robin Fehr said...

Oh... this is cute, pretty and funny! I'm jealous... my tulips are still litte stumpy things.
Yours look great!


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