Friday, May 8, 2009

The end of the day - the end of the "work week"!

I don't think a mamma's work week is every at an "end" - however, there is something about Friday that makes me feel like a "week-end" is in order.

Don't we get to sleep in on Saturdays!? :)

Well, enough about that.

Yesterday Little M made me laugh so hard I thought I was gonna bust. There are a few --- song lines --- that my mother used to sing when I was little. And you know that famous saying that "you're gonna sound just like your mother..." 

And it's true. :)

My mom used to always sing the line "I fall to peeeee-ceeeees" from Patsy Cline. I have no idea why she would sing that particular line, considering she had 4 kids under the age of 8 and we were all highly active, chatty, curious little things :).

Well, yesterday, I had a delightful, raging headache as a result of a "nap" that was actually 4 interruptions in a matter of 15 minutes. Some how, for some reason, I started singing the line from this song.

Little M looks at me and asks why my head was going to fall off.
I looked back and asked would my head fall off?
Because - says she - you said you were falling to pieces.


There ya have it. Humor from our household.

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