Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Totally glad it's Tuesday!

I am convinced that no matter what occupation you are in - astronaut, civil engineer, homemaker - a Monday is a M.O.N.D.A.Y.

See, the sunny optimist in me says that Mondays are for great beginnings, the start of a fresh calendar week (I am a calendar addict, but more about that issue another day!). It's about slow mornings, a lingering cup of coffee, and planning for the week ahead.

Yeah. Right.

Mondays around here are aka Meltdown Mondays. Wow. You'd think we were just getting over the weekend or something! We invited yet another therapist into our world of people that we are getting to know. Little M chose that exact moment to display her wide vocal talents (and her one-word vocabulary - no! No! NOOOO!). And let me tell ya. There's nothing like having a child development professional peering over your shoulder in your own home!! while you are disciplining to make you feel all those lovely inadequacies you inherited the moment you gave birth.

Yeah, can't you feel the glory of it all. 

Which is why I am so glad we have Tuesdays. Some people live for Fridays. Not me. I like Tuesdays. The sunny, bright, lovely day AFTER the day of recovery. Hmmm. I'm finding some life-parallel in there somewhere. The upheaval, the crisis fades, the recovery is past, and the day of new beginnings dawns. I like it.

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Michelle said...

I personally am a very big fan of Thursdays. I always feel like if I made it to Thursday I can get through anything on a Friday to get to the weekend!


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