Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vacation Daze!

How can be it that it has already been well past a year since we spent 2 sun-drenched months in Florida!? The kids were so little (the sleep so scarce :(...) but we had so. much. fun. I flipped through my pictures (hundreds of 'em! - thank goodness for digital cameras!!!) and marveled at how memories grow even sweeter with time.

What were some highlights...
 - the glorious sunshine! Especially for us snow babies, not having to dress in layers just to walk in the garage to the family van was worth its weight in gold!!
 - the beaches. I am not much of a beach fanatic, but something about the ocean, the sunshine and warm sand equals = t.h.e.r.a.p.y. Ahhhh!
 - walking through the orange groves with the girls.
 - spending time with family.

Some of our greatest moments were at the Disney parks! We had a blast! I will never forget...

 - Cruising up to the Magic Kingdom on the monorail and watching Little M's eyes light up, or the squeals from our nieces who had come to visit, or the giddy way our parents lived out their childhood dreams.
 - Getting to know each other while waiting in lines. Oh, I know, waiting can be a challenge (I will rant about waiting in life another day!!), but really we had some hilarious moments just ... waiting.

 - The "let's do that a-GAIN!" after a fun attraction. What were some of our favs? ...
... Magic Kingdom - Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Peter Pan (of course!)
... EPCOT Centre - browsing through the exhibits, The Land, The Seas and Soarin' !
... Hollywood Studios - Rockin' Aerosmith, Hollywood Tower of Terror (sounds freaky doesn't it!) and of course, their great shows! 
... Animal Kingdom - A Bug's Life, Safari Expedition, Mt. Everest
 - J would say one of the funny parts of the day was actually the tram drivers that drove you around the parking lot! Not sure if it was because it was the end of a long day or what, but they were hilarious!!! Maybe we were just giddy after spending the day on our feet, out in the sunshine!

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We laughed and laughed and laughed. I would do it again in a heart beat (and once the children are a little bit older!!!!).

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~Noreen said...

Oh I LOVE Disney World. It is so great to see your pictures as it beings me right back. My faves? Rockin' Roller Coaster and Expedition Everest, A Bug's Life, The Muppets 3D, The Lion King show and the Safari ride. Sigh...can't wait to go back :o)


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