Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Super quick, Super easy!

Um ... if you're like
moi ... then there are ... times (more than you'd care to admit!) ... that those must-bake-for-this-event moments sneak up on you. 

Not that I've ever forgotten to bring goodies when promised (sigh).
Or that I've ever accidentally brought a half EATEN casserole to a church potluck (don't even ask, I'm still mortified!!).
Or that I find myself getting ready to go somewhere and realize - with about an hour to spare - that I promised to bring food (which would not include a bag of microwaved popcorn!!).

So I think it's time to take action! 

I'm thinking of stocking up on these handy dandy items from 
Just think. Add water or milk. Shake shake shake. Pour. Voila. Picture pretty cupcakes without a single dish :). Well, except your muffin tins, but if you use lovely liners, even that is a snap!!

FYI - I also checked out their website. Not that I'm a super-freak about all things health related (although maybe I should be!!), but I like to know about things like sodium, carbs, fats, trans fats, etc. And guess what - the numbers are surprisingly low across the board! 

Sooo, next time I run into a snag (which, knowing me, won't be a long wait!!), I'm thinking of giving these a test run! 

Now I just have to make sure I give myself enough time to preheat the oven :)....


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