Friday, October 9, 2009

A bit controversial: feelings on infant formula...

A little moment of truth here - I never breast-fed my babies.
For the most part, I am okay with that.a
I had to be. I had absolutely no milk to give. (Don't even ASK me how I feel about a breast pump -- shudder -- shudder --).
I'm finding, however, that often it's OTHER people who aren't okay with that! I can't tell you how many glares I got when I had to whip out a bottle. Or how my poor little sister got raked over the coals publicly because of the choice she made to bottle feed too.
There's nothing like parenting, religion and politics to bring out v.e.r.y. strong opinions in people!!
And people assumed that I wallow in guilt over the whole matter.
Guess what - I didn't!!
It was the way it was. And, even with all the post-partum emotional upheaval, I was okay with that.
Sometimes I envied people who could nurse their babes. It seemed so -- maternal (not to mention, waaaay more convenient when there are no possible means of warming up a bottle and that babe is HUNGRY!!). But it never drove me into guilt or shame.

And I didn't even resort to "name-brand formula" only. I was flexible. I had a doctor who reminded me that no-name brands are often just the same as name brands, only waaaaay less expensive! (Check the labels and make sure to compare the same types of formula.) If you're interested in this option, check out store brand formula for more details. 

Is breast best? Absolutely. No doubt about it. However, if this is not an option for whatever reason (low/non-existent supply, personal choice) - I hope that guilt is not a part of the equation.

After all, I was raised on formula too, and I turned out fine. Well, nothing that I can blame on formula, anyway :P.

PS - if you ARE looking for a way to improve your milk supply, give "Blessed Thistle" and Fenugreek" (herbs, found at a health food store) a try. Chase those down with a 1/2 a dark malt beer (think Guinness) JUST AFTER a feeding (any alcohol should be out of the system by the next feeding). It works!!



michelle said...

I don't have kids but I still hate how this controversy always manages to give moms such a hard time. To breast-feed a child or to not breast-feeding your child is a personal choice - period. People really need to mind their own business on this I think.

Yes breast milk has nutrients - but I too was bottle fed and turned out just fine - thank you very much!

Robin Fehr said...


Roo said...

great post friend!! and amen to all you have said!!! people need to settle down and chill out! :)


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