Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oooh la la is all I can SAY!

Okay. It was a dream that began when I worked as a travel agent.

Yes, I worked as a travel agent! It feels like a completely different lifetime, but it wasn't actually - only the mid-90s - and it sure was FUN!!!

But one day, when I was organizing brochures, I came across the info packages for NEW ZEALAND!!!

Until then, I was interested in Europe, perhaps Mexico (only something hot, sunny and relaxing!), but after seeing the gorgeous pics, the varied activities, and the culture life, I was HOOKED!

I can't resist peeking, sometimes! I get notices of seat sales or room sales, and ack! The travel bug in me needs to browse!!

For example, Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific is hosting a massive hotel sale!! Reservations must be made  between Oct 27-29, 2009 but travel can be anywhere from December 09 - April 10! Countries include Thailand, Korea, China, Japan, HK, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Bali. 


And the hotels look simply glamorous! Can you imagine waking up, donning that fluffy terry cloth bathrobe, sipping a cup of coffee and just --- being!??!? Delightful!!

Okay. So, J&I have made reservations at a local resort for a weekend in November to celebrate our 10-year anniversary (which was technically in July, and we got away for one night then, but we thought we'd sneak in a getaway in fall too!). But, I don't know :).... maybe we should dream a bit bigger and head to New Zealand for a week before the baby is born wink wink!!

He he he.... click here to take a peak at the amazing rates for your dream destination. I'm sure your husband will looooooove you for it!!!!! Where would you head off to could pack your bags and not think twice :)?


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michelle said...

I have always wanted to do an Australia New Zealand vacation - but the flight is sooooo long and sooo expensive - please post photos so the rest of us can live vicariously though you!


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