Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The emails we get to send.....

I've haven't set up a post in a week! Where does the time go!? Ack! I blame naps, even-lower-than-normal energy levels, and a very mushy brain!!! 

Here's why :).... Last week, I got to send out a great-big-fun email to friends I haven't spoken to in a little while....

Hi friends :).
Generally you only get an email out like this when there's...
bad news, 
good news, 
or someone is trying to sell you something :).

Well, it's not the first OR the last option!

We are doing much celebrating of life over here these days....
1. Kezia has decided to start sleeping much better at night. (Hallelujah jubilee!!!) This makes a happier mommy (she's always happy!). Really. You have no idea how thrilled I am about this!!
2. We managed to repaint the entire house this summer (on the inside - quite the ordeal!) and we got a bunch of new windows (okay, so our bank account isn't as happy about that :P...). Feelin' good about that!
3. Jon is totally swamped at work, but is still really enjoying his role at the SRSS as Guidance Counselor. Yeah for good work!!
4. The rest of us enjoy our days at home. There is much activity to be involved in, but there is a good balance between work, life, sleep and the occasional Law & Order episode :). (Well, Jon might argue with that! He's a pretty busy guy!!)
Really, the list of blessings is endless. We are grateful.

HOWEVER, the BEST NEWS of ALL :).....
We've decided to have another baby!!
We're crazy, we know. :P.
We're due at the end of May, so that makes me 9 weeks along now. 
I am feeling great (a daily gift of grace from our Heavenly Father!) and we are at peace with this decision (another gift of grace!).

So, is the third time, "the charmer:)?"
Well, we think both of our girlies are pretty charming (albeit one is pretty sassy!!) and my sister hopes I have a rowdy, rambunctious boy who dangles from the chandelier!!

In case we don't have the chance to see you in the next few weeks (or months, as some of your are quite far away!!), we wanted to share our good news with you.
As you are led, please join us in praying for a healthy, developmentally normal baby (oh yeah, and textbook delivery at Steinbach Hospital in which I can utilize a birth plan that I am COMFORTABLE WITH!!!).
Thanks for celebrating with us!

So, I'm still feeling great - but rather tired. And have a seemingly-insatiable craving for all things salt-related. Which I'm trying not to indulge ... all the time :).

The days fly by fast. On Sunday I got to show Little M a model of a baby at 12 weeks in utero. As she gently cradled the little bitty babe in her palm, I marveled at the little one who is already so much a part of our family. I wonder at who (s)he will be? Likes? Dislikes? A good sleeper :)? (hey, you only have to have ONE who is not, and you are forever hoping that the rest will be!!!).

It has been an "interesting" emotional and spiritual path to arrive at this place; a journey that I definitely did not always want or embrace. However, it is good. So very good.


Robin Fehr said...

Well.. Although you are right- I DO hope you have a boy that dangles from your chandelier! I am also praying with you for a healthy baby (girl or boy) and a great delivery! (one that takes atleast 24 hours! lol!!)
You are an awesome mom, and I cannot WAIT to meet the new arrival!

Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

I was wondering if and when you were planning to announce this fantastic news! I am SOOOOOOO thrilled for you - really truly whole-heartedly thrilled. Mostly, I am thrilled that you are okay with all of this. That is such a testament of God's grace and that is what overwhelms me in all of this. Good for you for relying on him and not allowing fear to rule! I pray that whatever comes your way, you will handle it with God's grace and strength just as you have in the past and just as you will in the future! I love you! Congratulations again and big, BIG hugs!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Roo said...

you are blessed!
you are BLESSED!
YOU>>>ARE>>>>BLESSED! sooo happy for you and this little eternal being that is growing within your womb.


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