Friday, October 16, 2009

Buzz buzz buzz buzz

My ears are ringing.
I think all ability to think straight has been (hopefully only temporarily!!) suspended.

Aside from nap time, I don't think Little M stopped talking all. day. long.

Really, it's generally a witty commentary, and the fact that she's requesting "It's A Great Day to Be Alive" - Travis Tritt - during our van rides is slightly hilarious. Poor J. He's not into country music a.t. a.l.l. and is not quite as amused :P.

But somehow, by the end of a day, my ears need no sound.
Simple quiet.
I recall, back in the day, when I'd arrive at home after a lively day at the office and I walk around the house completely quiet. I'd let myself in, actually say out loud (to my lovely self, who was the only one home at that time in the afternoon :P) - "Shhhhh. Everyone quiet." And I'd proceed around the house, prepping for supper, maybe squeezing in a pilates routine or a nap, as silently as possible. It was heaven :). By dinner time I was ready for conversation again.

These days there is very little quiet (unless I am up later than every one else at night. I used to think insomnia was a curse. And it surely can be. But I'm starting to see the beauty in the stillness of the night!), no energy for pilates and fairly constant companionship.

Some days, my ears ache from listening and my mouth hurts from talking so much.
But the times are pure gold and I wouldn't change them for anything.
It's a good life!!

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Roo said...

ummmm my comment just disapeared so if you get 2 comments....that'swhat happaned. ;)

iwas gonna ask you if you LEGS ALSO HURT at the end of each day from picking up TOYS???!! ahhh...its a good life...its a wonderful life -- definitely "livin the dream" .... :)


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