Wednesday, October 7, 2009

If I had $20,000....

I was asked today, "if you had $20,000 to remodel your kitchen, what would you do...."

This, on the heels, of a major re-paint. :)

Ooooh. I'm no Betty Crocker, but there are DEFINITELY a few things I'd love to add to a "dream kitchen..."

 - Attractive track lighting. Right now we just have a standard ceiling fixture. Bor-ring. :)

- An ISLAND! Oooh la la. With nice, covered and padded bar stools, lots of storage, etc. AND a space to organize garbage, recycling, composting, etc.

- If I wasn't into composting, I'd have a garberator.

- When we were in Florida, our kitchen had a small tv with cable. I'd have one of those so I could watch cooking shows and "be inspired." Or just play holiday music with the weather channel :).

- A flat top stove with self-cleaning oven.

- A fridge with an ice dispenser. Just for fun :).

- A fancy coffee maker. With digital do-dads. And a frother.

- A lazy susan in my corner cabinets. It's hard to reach to the back.

- Different flooring. I'm not sure what kind yet, tile maybe. With a nice, small area carpet by the sink. Dark flooring. No more white. Shows alllll the spots :).

- Very organized drawers and cabinets. Like with dividers purchased from IKEA.

- A whole new set of dishes. I like my set, but it's 10+ years old, and I feel like I've morphed in my 20's and have outgrown it in some ways.

- And maybe someone to wash all the dishes!!!

If you're interested in winning a $20,000 Dream Kitchen Contest, check out Dr. Oetker Kitchen Makeover Contest. Simply grab a PIN from any participating Casa di Mama Pizza boxes and you could be the winner :P. Plus, there's a host of secondary prizes like lovely Whirlpool appliances! Hey, while you're at it, sign up to be a Savory Moments Member.  For Canadian Residents Only.

What would you include in your dream kitchen makeover :)?


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