Friday, March 11, 2011

A Season For Everything

A conversation around here went something like this:

Jon: You want a henna tattoo?
Me: Yes.
Jon: Why on earth would you want a henna tattoo?
Me: Because.
Because I think they're kinda fun AND they're not permanent. Like nail polish, only it lasts longer :).

I've wanted a henna tattoo for YEARS. But, because I am thrifty and can't stand the thought of paying $25+ for a little doodad that will last MAYBE 6 weeks (probably not) --- I got to thinking --- I can probably do this myself. How hard can it be :)?

Turns out, NOT THAT HARD AT ALL!! The hardest part is finding henna paste. At first I thought I'd have to order it online, but actually found it in a Bangladesh-ian store. I bought henna paste, as opposed to henna powder, because it's already made for you and much easier than getting it right. Since I am a total rookie at this, I thought I'd go all out and spend the extra $1 for the paste. Did I mention that you can get a significant amount of henna paste for FOUR DOLLARS!? Yes. Four dollars, some creativity and approximately 20 minutes gets you exactly what you'd spend $25-30 on for a "professional" tattoo.

With respect to the season of Lent, I decided to add this to my wrist - a daily reminder of Who I am striving to live for (which, incidentally, is not myself, though that is what happens all-too-often):

Now this being my first time and all, you can still see the ink marks I used as a guide. And, a few days later it is already quite faded, so I'll have to reapply the henna. The longer you leave it on, the longer it lasts. As I was experimenting I didn't leave it on long enough. More practice :).

A few things about henna tattoos - be careful - not all products are safe. I did a bit of net research, and you can get some serious chemical burns from "fake" henna. Which really defeats the purpose of using a "natural" product. Also, keeping it in the fridge makes the paste consistency easier to apply. Beware of dirt clumps in the applicator tube - it took me a while to get mine completely clear - but after that, it was super easy to apply. And really really mess free. Note to self - don't wear long sleeves while applying henna to your wrist. It's really annoying and you can wreck a really nice shirt!!!

During this Lenten season, this will be the only henna tattoo I will wear.
After that, I'll experiment a little bit more.
Should be fun :)!


Roo said...

very cool my friend......i like.

Robin Fehr said...

nice! Good job!


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