Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I Never Thought I'd See - Part 2

Yes. Whenever one opens oneself up to traveling, you just never know what you might come across.
As I shared a while back, I saw Jesus using hairspray. Odd, but true.

Anyway. While we were in Florida I opened up a private blog, mainly to share random things with family and a few close friends while we were gone. Here is a post of something I never really thought I'd see -- at least, not this "up close and personal" :).


Travels take us outside our everday routines and are full of interesting moments.
Jon & I have shared many as we've ventured out over the years.

Like the time a bear sniffed my knee.

Or the time we were camping in a state park and a highly intoxicated family (yes, heartbreakingly, a family - a "dad" and a "mom" and several kids) were apparently (we didn't dare venture out of the t.e.n.t. to see if this was actually the case or not!!) running around with a GUN and were planning to use the cars on the freeway as target practice (said tent was, unfortunately, between the crazies and the highway!).

Or the time we were driving on the freeway right beside another car when their tire blew up!

Or the time we found ourselves camping by the cows (they weren't in that pasture when we happened to be setting up the tent, so imagine our surprise when we heard moo-ing before the sun was up the next morning!).

On our way down here, we were stopped at a rest station. The girls were burning off some steam and we were waiting for Jon to come  back. A lovely lady stopped by to chat (you also meet some really neat people while on the road as well!) and mentioned that we must be very brave to venture out with 3 kids, a very VERY full van and a pooch! Well, we're either brave or CRAZY, I said. And JUST at that moment, a van pulled into the spot one over from ours.


So far as I could tell, the van had NOT parked 50 feet away from ours and was presently invading our space bubble.

Ohhh, girllllsssss, I called. Time to get into the van. Our van! 

As I loaded everyone in, the passangers of the van got out. 3 inmates. 1 driver. The ratio there seemed a bit concerning to me. Maybe they were "low key" criminals, somewhat sedated, or not considered a huge risk. ANYWAY.

I think it was the first time Little M had ever seen anyone in an orange jump suit and handcuffs. She was a bit concerned! We didn't stick around much longer after that.

You just never know what you'll see on the road!

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