Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Wishes

The girls and I often have odd, and highly humorous conversations around the dinner table.
Yesterday was no exception.
Little M had seen a picture of a genie and a bottle and wondered what it was. I explained that there is a story called Aladdin, with a character named Genie. He lives in a bottle and if a person rubs the bottle, he pops out and grants the person three wishes.

"What would you wish for?" I asked Little M.
Hmmmm. "That there would always be summer and never any snow!" I think most people feel that way right about now!!!
What else? You have two more.... I prompted.
Hmmmmm. "That we would have meat and macaroni & cheese EVERY DAY." She's easy to please ;).
"That we would have ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT BABIES." WHOA!! We laughed. That's a lot of babies. We brainstormed ways that we would take care of 148 babies at one time. Many aunties, the grandmas and some cousins would be required for live-in help :). Little M said that I would require octopus arms to make sure everyone could get fed - I wonder where she's heard that line before!

What about you - would three things would you wish for :)?

1 comment:

Robin Fehr said...

You have an adorable little 'group' there! (but, it's fine the size that it is!)
Love you all!


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