Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Words words words words words words

I love words.
A lot.
I'm full of 'em.
That means I talk a lot for those who didn't quite catch that :).

I love having words around my house.
In fact, I'd have just as many framed "words" as pictures.
This little note sits on top of the piano in the living room.
A daily reminder.

This also sits in the living room.
A reason for our hope.

Hmmm. Can't really tell, but it says RELAX.
Yes. Another great reminder.

This was a project I did for the church prayer room.
Lots of words. A LOT of painting :).
Took a bit .... longer than I thought!

Recently I acquired some "wall words" from Dollarama. Now, I have a bit of an issue with Dollarama. In fact, I was going to do a whole post on Dollarama. A dilemma. Like how we seem to acquire a lot of trinkets from Dollarama and sometimes it drives me crazy. And I have envisioned getting in a small little motorized scooper to drive around to scoop it all up and dump it in a corner. BUT THAT WOULDN'T BE VERY PRACTICAL. AND you can get cheap gel pens and markers, craft supplies, cards, stationary, picture frames, various household items like a cheap but useful microcloth duster and all sorts of other things. So. I guess, in the end, it's okay.

Anyway. Yesterday I got to put up my two dollar Dollarama project.

I have a blank sheet of wall --- what to do what to do --- we've only lived here for 10.5 years --- and I finally found a way of filling space without getting too overwhelming:

And they are STICKERS. So, if I ever want 'em off they are apparently easy to peel off.
I also have a beautiful christmas quilt wall hanging that I can hang up seasonly, should I ever get it done. It's beautiful, really. Just haven't had a lot of time to sit and quilt these days :).
I want to turn the bottom part of this wall into a picture frame collage - however I need to go find some black frames to help round out the assorted collection of frames we've acquired from our holidays. I'll keep you posted :).


Ange said...


ps. please pray there is a conference in winnipeg in june that we really really really really want to go to for the food bank and oh yes to see our manitoba family too. pray that God will help us find the money and time to go. thanks sister. Ange

anne. said...

Ouh. I looove this pics. *_*
And I think it a sign by the fate.
I need this pic's to help me out of these days..

I thank u!!

a very sweet life! said...

You're welcome, Anne. Thanks for stopping by ;).

a very sweet life! said...

Hey Ange, that would be FABULOUS! Will pray that you can take your DREAM VACATION to Manitoba - and that we can spend time laughing and swapping stories together and fit in a visit to LaGrotta!! Miss you, my east-coastian friend!!

Robin Fehr said...

Very nice! Are these subliminal messages? Still... good idea!
I should have a postive message in every direction I turn in my house!


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