Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bye bye baby

Of all three of our girls, our Wee One is definitely the one to put up the fight when Mama tries to leave. She'll willingly stay with Grandmas .... and that's about it. (Until recently, when we've started to stretch her a bit here and there, thank you gracious friends :P.)

And until recently, this wasn't really a big deal. We don't sneak away without the kids very often (maybe we should :)???), so when we do there was usually a Grandma around close by to give us a helping hand. We are thankful ;).

And yet, very often she'll grab a purse, a hat, a pair of funky shades --- and she'll wander through the kitchen saying, BYE BYE. SEE YOU. LOVE YOU. Giving us her royal wave like she's the queen herself :).
And I'll ask her if she's off to go shopping or to the mail or some other thing. 
And she'll respond with an enthusiastic YES. 
Her heart is full of adventure; her sweet spirit passionate with it.

It'll seem like a blink and she'll be finding wings of her own and she'll be off on a mission I am sure.
But, unless things change, it'll be with a strong sense of where mama is at. She may be able to wander far and wide, but I suspect she'll want mama to stay ... at least ... accessible :).

I can relate. I've enjoyed a few adventures of my own, however it has always been with a strong sense of connection to the security my own parents have provided. Now that BOTH of our parents are out of the country for 5-7 WEEKS :), we miss them (and NO, not just because they graciously watch our babes ;P) and wish them a safe and memorable holiday, and pray daily for their safety and timely return :).

As for now, we just enjoy the dress-up games and those adventures of imagination!!


Roo said...

she's so sweet. like her mama.

Robin Fehr said...

Awww... Lexi.
So sweet. Love these phots!


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