Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just what I needed....

Yesterday was just that.
A day that was just what I needed.

Life has been full in the last while. The schedule has been hectic, the heart is full.
Doctor appointments (which, we are praying, will lead to insight and better sleep for Sweet K!), development issues, parenting challenges, decisions that don't need to be made today ... but consume a lot of thought and energy anyway.

When commitments and responsibilities and challenges threaten to exceed the maximum hours in a day (which, last time I checked is and will ever be 24-hours!!), things get a bit tense. We find ourselves racing through things "just to get them done" instead of enjoying the process. It is a balancing act trying to get little ones out the door, ensuring we have all the necessary supplies for the journey, and enough energy to make it enjoyable :).

I find myself growing short and snappy.
Take our time together for granted.
I take less time to listen.
Soak in less laughter.
Find myself reacting instead of responding.

Everything feels a bit cracked and dry.

And then a day like yesterday rolls around.
A snow storm. A cozy day at home. Cancelled appointments. A day of rhythm. An unexpected supper invite.

And I can feel it. Refreshed. Ready to enjoy the weekend, ready to embrace the coming week.

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Ange said...

So glad that you are back blogging again. I have missed reading your posts dear friend. Why is it so hard to connect? My work swallows my life and energy. I miss you so much. I would love to sit down this week and catch up over a cup of coffee. We have March break here this week which means I don't work nights (yippie!) Could we try and catch up on Skype? How does Wednesday or Thursday sound?


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