Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A few handy tidbits...

I have a small little gardening book that I like to peruse - and snag a few helpful ideas here and there... these are a few that I have tried - or would like to give a whirl...

beets - to prevent them from becoming woody/tasteless, keep covering with dirt as they pop out of the ground

carrots - sprinkle row with sand before sowing seeds - the roots grow better and are easier to pull out! OR after placing seeds in rows, carefully pour boiling water over them - the carrots will grow straight 

celery - if you want your stalks extra thick, cut an inch off the top of the plant when it is about 4 inches high

cucumbers - pinch off runners for earlier and more abundant produce

peppers - place a layer of tin foil around the base of each plant - the reflected light adds more heat to the plants, keeps the roots cool AND fends off the b.u.g.s.

potatoes - plant deep to avoid hilling (and green potatoes!)

sunflowers - plant a seed at the beginning of every row for an attractive row marker :)

tomatoes - when transplanting, add compost and egg shells to the hole (and around the base once they are planted) - they love the nutrients and the calcium!

I'm already storing up eggshells to use in the garden. Weird, I know :). And, with the assorted tomato cages, eggshells, tin foil, and flowers interspersed, this garden is sure to be a sight :)!

Book: 700 Gardening Tips & Handy Hints, Practical Wisdom from McFayden's Gardening Enthusiasts

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