Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well ain't that great!

You know what's fun - getting a steal of a deal AND supporting a good cause in the process! This morning it was lovely enough for the troops and I to head out for a walk and enjoy the great outdoors a bit. HEY. We were gone for an hour and a half! Isn't that a grand way to spend the morning :)? We even found ourselves a few bargains at our local MCC Boutique :). Some disney books for the wee ones and finally FINALLY a pristine (no frills!) coffee maker that actually fits on my counter (under my low-hanging cabinetry!) - all this for the lovely price of $3.55. That's less than the cost of one of those hardcover books we just picked up!

But even better, as I was telling little M on our journey home (IN and AROUND the massive puddles!) that all the money raised goes to HELP PEOPLE! Click here to see the amazing things that MCC is doing AROUND THE WORLD! AND check out your local MCC! You never know what treasures you will find!

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Roo said...

the town "BOUTIQUE" makes me happy. :) i was also there today. sorry i didnt bump into you and yourlittle ladies. :)

btw if you happen to see an oldish entertainment unit -- let me know. ihave a crafting idea up my sleeve and have been looking for one at the mcc. havne't found one in town yet....


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