Saturday, March 21, 2009



Anonymous said...

Is that me back there?!?! Ha ha!

Roo said...

i love it! love far side humor. xoxo

pray for us! we are in the midst of "flu/cold" crisis. if we don't turn a corner soon we won't be able to make it on wednesday....and i really want to be there with my girlies. xo love u neighbor.

a very sweet life! said...

Oh, so so so not fun! And when you're in the midst of fever-and-barf-ville it just seems like there is no end in sight! I was reading something parent-ish the other day, and noted that it takes 1-3 days for the average flu to run it's course. Those can feel like the longest three days EVER! We're in the midst of tantrum-city around here, and there's no amount of tylenol for that one!!!


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