Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Making good ... GREAT!

The other morning, in a bleary-eyed stumble to the coffee maker first thing in the morning (having to get up 6 times in 3 hours will do that to a gal :) ...), I

 started to wonder - what makes good coffee ... GREAT!

Some would argue that the brand, roast, water used, type of coffee maker (are you a perk, press or drip fan :)?), bean, etc. would be the defining

 characteristics, separating the passable from the prestigious. 

I smile and gently nod in their direction :)

For me, a good cup of coffee is becomes GREAT when it is.....

 - out of my favorite mug.
 - in the company of lively friends or family, swapping stories and laughs. 
 - first thing in the morning, before the sun and the rest of my peeps are up, in the solitude of those brilliant moments of the day.
 - in a rinky-dinky, outta-the-way coffee shop, that is more about being worn-in than posh.
 - around a campfire. ESPECIALLY if someone else has made it :).
 - savored over a good book or journal entry.
 - at home, on my parents farm, with my mom doting on us :) and my dad bustling in and out between "farming missions." 
 - the first mug after having a baby!! Even in the hospital, that was one of my first requests!!

For me, it sure doesn't have to be fancy to be great. It has to be savored, shared, enjoyed. 
Kinda like life, I guess :).

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