Thursday, March 26, 2009

Once Upon a Time!

It seeems like a foggy long ago, but I actually started some projects that I wanted to finish! I start many projects, depending on the mood of the day, but few see those ta-daaa! moments of final completion. HOWEVER, with GARDENING on the horizon I thought it would be prudent to get a few off the stack. Oh, yeah, and I want to start K's scrapbook!

I blogged about this little ditty a while back...
~ a prayer shawl for a friend ~

And then there was this one....

~ darling baby bathrobes ~

And finally these...

~ new covers for those wooly blankies ~

Soooo ... TA DAAA!


Anonymous said...

As the recipient of the above mentioned prayer shawl, "THANK YOU" seems so terribly inadequate for the time, effort and prayer you put into it! It is absolutely gorgeous and I personally feel so unworthy to have such a heartfelt gift. However, every time I see it I remember a friend out there is praying for me (and I need a LOT of prayer), a friend cares about me (sometimes it is easy to think that no one outside of my house does - probably just the crazy life situation playing tricks on me right now!), and, mostly, that the Lord loves to wrap Himself around me with love and care. Thank you, Leah, from the bottom of my heart!

Roo said...

awwwww sooo pretty. all of it! what a great feeling too, heh?


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