Monday, March 9, 2009

My friend Twiggy ... and the signs of life!

Perhaps I'll post a pic - maybe I won't. It's shameful, I tell ya!

I enjoy gardening, I love the planning and the scheming and, yes, even some of the grunt work involved.

But I have o.n.e. BIG weakness (well, waaaaaay more than one, in the grand scheme of things, but this one in particular is a biggy in the botanical world)...


There. I've said it. Maybe now that I've named it and claimed it my bad habits will change!!

It's true! I neglect to water my plants. Yet somehow, the hearty survive. They look a little like - conversation starters :) - but they continue to provide the color green during the monochrome days of the year.

I am getting somewhere with this :). You see, I have a mini-rose bush that I've "nurtured" since Mothers Day a while back. I can't very well throw it out, since it was for MOTHERS DAY, but, sigh, when you neglect to water it, it turns kinda brown, crusty and most of the leaves fall off. (really, the thing is screaming INTERVENTION!). But it's RESILIENT I tell ya! Still it marches on. Lately, I've moved it to a new spot where I see it every day, allowing God to use it as a daily reminder ...
 - to tend to those parts of myself that require attention
  - to nurture the gifts and passions He has so graciously set in me
  - that life persists, even during drought-ier times.

 And low and behold, the other day, I saw a bud.


Anonymous said...

Hey I have the same waterer problem! Guess what I did...I bought fake flowers for the front of my house...not getting much spiritual inspiration from them tho...go figure. But hey they match my fake leg hahaha. Looking forward to reading back posts in your blog. Nice chatting today :) JoAnne

Anonymous said...

Sigh... very well put my dear.
I like the new layout/ colors.
I have a lot of crusty plants (just threw one out this morning) uhhh oohhh.

a very sweet life! said...

JoAnne, that is a great idea! I have thought about putting in window boxes under my front living room window, just to break up the space a bit between ground and the high roof line! If I do, I tell ya, fake flowers will FIT THE BILL! As for "spiritual insight" - well, it is a good and gracious practice to recognize/respect one's limits (and I know for a FACT that front-window-box-real-flowers would push my limits!!) and to live beautifully in spite of them!!

a very sweet life! said...

R - thanks. Still tweaking the layout and shades here and there :). Gotta get it right - ya know :)? I have thrown out many crusty plants. Some day, when I no longer have little ones exploring (and eating!) everything, I will get J's mom to repot me some of those gorgeous shrubs she gave me a while back. Until then :)....

Roo said...

well. since you've laid it all out there in such humble vulnerbility...i will too.

but....since you've lived beside me for 5 years you probably knew that already. hehehe

a very sweet life! said...

Alas, my friend, before you despair to much - I DID see you out weeding last summer, when you were like 8 months pregnant, such a trooper pulling out that grass-like stuff! That requires a certain amount of umphf!


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