Friday, March 13, 2009

Out on a limb....

It's funny how ideas come to us - how they niggle away in our consciousness (often with us trying to shut them down because we feel we cannot possibly spend the time or energy or effort they would require!) - until we finally decide ... 

yes I WILL - or - no I WON'T. 

Really, there is no other option :P.

A while back, I got an idea - about throwing a "Waffle Party" (a what!? Yeah, I wondered about that too for a while!!) for the moms with young ones on our street. I counted the number of moms (that seemed doable) and estimated the number of young ones under 5 (that seemed more daunting!!), and thought about how - good - it would be if we could connect BEFORE the days on the play ground, BEFORE the warmth of spring sets in, BEFORE we all go completely cabin-fever NUTTY! (or maybe that's just me!!)

I tried to shut down this idea - I really did! - before I finally embraced it. Most of the moms I've at least chatted with once, so I wasn't a complete stranger, but one gal I didn't even remember her name!

So, with as much bravery as I could muster, I sent out the invitations (if you have not used this funky little program before it is SO FUN! Give it a whirl!!). I called and left a rather - quirky - voicemail with my new-found neighbor, and called again a few days later, once the fog of Sinutab and Screaming Children :) had past!

But you know what - something AMAZING happened! We ALL stepped out on a limb, got together and had a GREAT TIME! 

Oh, if you're wondering what is all included on a "Waffle Party" menu... it's pretty ... basic.

Waffles :) 

Oh, yeah, and some fresh fruit and syrup to round it out a bit! I had planned to serve yogurt too, but ran out at the last minute, AND had whipped together 6 DOZEN mini muffins to serve, but I forgot those on the counter and so I guess we'll be eating mini muffins till the cows come home (and in this cold weather, that could be a very long time!!).

But we went out on a limb, took a chance on this whole "community" thing - and discovered that it sure was worth it :).


Roo said...

aww! i was wondering how that par-tay went!!!!!! i am sooooooooo sad we were out that day. will this be an annual event?

so proud of you leah!! you are a trail blazer!

a very sweet life! said...

Hey don't you worry - we all had so much fun we'll be doing it again! Kate is organizing it - so stay tuned for the details :). I missed you though and hope you can join us this next time!


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