Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1-800 - Call Grandma!!

I think it's official. A day without interruptions would be bliss! Unfortunately, my frequent, life-saving, wonderful child care provider - a.k.a. my mom!! - is on the other side of flood waters and my day out alone will have to wait another week or two!

So, in the mean time, we are filling our days with other good things.
 - Picking gravel out of the lawn and garden :P.
 - Topping up the bike tires and heading out for a spin around town.
 - Looking for worms (I will only touch anything that moves on its own if - and only if - I am wearing a good pair of gloves!).
 - Pointing out budding leaves, returning robins and other miraculous wonders of God's creation.
 - Rejoicing that 9 out of 9 strawberry plants survived our Manitoba c.o.l.d.
 - Listening to sweet K experiment with the occassional word and watching her very funny facial expressions!
 - Listening to Little M's continuous life commentary. She has recently asked if penguins poop and pee and if worms have teeth (she is delighted to discover that worms eat dirt AND garbage!!).
 - And breathing. That's the most important one of all. Some days, when patience is short and the days get long, I find myself snapping and growling and reacting in ways that just aren't fine. So, I pray for the strength to slow, breathe, blink and take it all in stride!

And other days, I also call grandma :).

1 comment:

Robin Fehr said...

Good perspective! I haven't really been taking time to appreicate or stop to pay attention to much. Probably something I should do!!
You're always the trail blazer!


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