Friday, April 3, 2009

Bitten by the travel bug!!

Oooh. It's just about this time of year - S.P.R.I.N.G. B.R.E.A.K. time when J looks at me with that wandering wonder in his eye.... he gets the urge to TRAVEL! Pick up the kids and pack the bags and wherever the van goes (um, on our rather planned, yet somewhat flexible itinerary!!) is where we go too!

One thing we had looked into before kids, but have not done yet (have to save SOMETHING for those empty-nest days!!) is international travel. While J has left the continent in search of other cultural pastures, my feet have never left north american soil! 

But that doesn't keep me from dreaming! I came across the  Okinawa Travel Guide and wondered - what would it be like to travel to JAPAN!? I flipped my way through tons of info on Okinawa Japan. What else could a person want to know :)!?

FOOD! Yikes, one thing about traveling (especially outside my comfort zone!) is the variety of palettes out there! However, this site takes some of the mystery out of the meat :) so to speak. 

BEACHES! If there's anything us snow-bound people long for at this time of year, it's the sand and surf! I did not realize that the beaches in Okinawa Japan were so beautiful! I can almost feel the wind on my face!

SLEEP! Maybe it's the sleep-deprived mother in me! Not sure, but I'm a little obsessed with rest these days! I can only dream of staying in five-star resorts like this! WOW!

Well, a girl can always dream  :). Japan - exotic, beautiful, something completely different! 

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Anonymous said...

I think a ticket to anywhere but here would be nice!


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