Friday, April 10, 2009

Dream A Little Dream With Me...

When J & I bought our first home, just one short year after we were married, it totally felt like the twilight zone for this
21-year-old bride! Most kids (yes, I still felt like a kid, yet oh-so-grown-up at the same time!!) my age were maybe polishing off a college degree, traveling the world or something. Well, we were entering into first-time ownership!

I love our home. Albeit, I would never pick this shade of paint if I had been here during house-construction, and even though we've lived here nearly NINE years I'm sheepish to admit I've only repainted 3 rooms (and one long hallway!) a different hue. However, as our family gets a bit older, we contemplate the "different home" conundrum.

And my mind runs wild with the possibilities!

Would I go modern or rustic? Or a pleasant (someone help me with the design PLEASE! is it even possible!?!?!?) combo of both? And so, flipping through mags and websites, I constantly search out and clip 'n save furniture and decor ideas for that "someday," should it ever come!

I've always been drawn to rustic furniture. It feels warm and inviting; cozy and sturdy. With kids, it's gotta be sturdy!!

Scenic Furniture has some beautiful wood furniture! Here are a few favs :) -
- A gorgeous bedroom set - I could envision a beautiful handmade quilt on this bed, 
however, I would opt for a basic lamp rather than the log one :)
- Hmmm, I could probably find a sweet spot for this lovely chair or this bench!
- And I still need a coat tree :)

Not sure how I'd weave in all the things that I'd like, but it's fun to dream anyway! Gotta start
somewhere, right :)!?

Sponsored by Scenic Furniture


Anonymous said...

Wow, that IS some pretty rustic furniture!! Although it's very unique! I think I'd still go for the open concept studio appartment in NY, with ultra modern furniture... maybe in my next life.

HouseOfBrides said...

I must say you have great talent of writing, I really like your sharing! Keep writing and inspiring us!


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