Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh so witty!

Little M cracks me up the most when she's not even trying.

And we went through a phase where she definitely was trying because she kept asking me (only a million times a day!!) mama, am I funny yet? Am I funny NOW!? Is this F.U.N.N.Y?!?!? It got old!

Anyway, since the 9th month of her life (and before that, with all her baby-hollering!) she has had a great grasp of the english language. And it often makes me laugh right out loud.

 - Yesterday at the lunch table, I decided it might be a nice idea to hold hands while we prayed. So we did - only M decided our "regular prayer" wasn't appropriate for the high occasion, and started us off with "Dear LORD .... silence ... what comes next?"

 - This lovely afternoon, during - mommy-will-actually-sit-and-play-on-the-floor time :), we were playing "doctor." I had the lovely chance to be the patient - and I make the MOST of the opportunity by asking little M many tough questions. What do I do with a broken arm? Can it be fixed? Can you help me? I could see the little wheels turning and she comes out with ... well the body is a wonderful thing ...

 One more. And that's it (I promise!).

 - We were watching a dog show over at the Brandon Winter Fair. It was w.a.y. past everyone's bedtime (mine included!) and M was still firing questions at us. Mainly about the dogs :). Is Wall-E a boy or a girl? Because I'm pretty sure it's a boy or a girl. 


Anonymous said...

This is too cute! Especially the story of her playing doctor! She has all the right things to say- eh?

Roo said...

she's a button that's for sure!!!! xo


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