Friday, April 24, 2009

Ordinary Miracle Today

Child development is a per.snick.ity issue. Nothing like the words "normal" or "delayed" or "slow" or "future unknown" to get this mother hen's feathers (completely, utterly, fantastically!) ruffled.

HOWEVER. I am learning learning learning about the beauty of this journey. Things with Sweet K are moving along quite well, actually, and maybe that makes this so much easier (it does). Yet I have the opportunity to see the miraculous unfolding of learning that most of us take for granted because a) it comes more naturally, b) it comes quicker and c) we're never taught to SEE those incremental - yet just as incredible - building blocks of wonder.

When Sweet K was about 3 months old, I heard Sarah McLachlan's Ordinary Miracle for the first time. It struck such a chord in me. The first time I'd smiled, or hoped, or laughed in months.

In church we will be celebrating Child Dedication (May 24), and I contemplate why I want to participate in this occasion. It is my view that children are a precious gift from God, shared with us for a variety of reasons. And it is my desire to nurture and delight and love and learn alongside, and hold that gift with open hands before the One who created her.


Roo said...

you are so blessed.
and such a blessing too.

a very sweet life! said...

I feel blessed. We have been spared much. So grateful, so grateful...

Robin Fehr said...

You ARE blessed. And I feel blessed when I think to BOTH of your girls sweet smiles and laughter too!
I loved Sweet 'K''s smiles at lunch today. Her humor is so adorable! I love her! I also love M'... (What the heck?!?...) Oh my.... priceless!


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