Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm fairly certain that this is not what Stevie T had in mind!

I suspect that it is a safe bet that when Steve Tyler, and the rest of the crew from Aerosmith, recorded their rock music, they had higher aspirations than inspiring this gal's workout routine :). They were probably thinking - rock concerts, screaming fans, oodles of moolah - and here I laugh to myself. Thirty-something, faded work-out pants and an ipod. Oh Aerosmith. Your legend lives on forever!

I've never been particularly ... athletic. 

It's just that sporty and I don't walk hand in hand. 

It's not for a lack of noble effort on my part, either. I did baseball (only I ripped my shorts trying to get off the baseball fence, and only ran the bases as my cousin batted for me so that I could hold my shorts together!), I tried volleyball (if I'm uncoordinated now, I was even less graceful then!) and I threw myself whole-heartedly into basketball (even after that tragic day when I went in for a lay-up on my OWN BASKET and M.I.S.S.E.D.!!).

So, when a dear, wise woman in my life suggested that I get involved with an aerobics class or something to help cope with the post-partum madness that had taken over my life, and thought YES. THIS IS IT!

HA ha ha ha ha. Somewhere, the sport gods are laughing. Hysterically. 

First I tried a yoga class (I love LOVE doing pilates at home). But I was the only one in the crowded room making ... noises ... and then I lost my ball and had to chase it across the room.

Then I tried an aerobics class. And, when they whipped out the upbeat 80s rock album, I really thought we were on to something. They cancelled the class. Yes. They. Did.

So. What's a gal to do!? :) With 5 drop-in spots left on my card, I decided. That's IT! I'll go suffer publicly at the gym :). Inspired by my 80s rock 'n roll tunes on the ole ipod (thank you to Def Leppard, Guns N Roses, ACDC and Aerosmith for your motivating lyrics!), I headed off with my faded work out pants and glaring white runners :).

Feeling like I was back in grade school (shiver me timbers!), I put on a brave front and asked Mona where elliptical trainer was. Uh. Right here. Riiiight. It's just that it looks soooo different from all the OTHER elliptical trainers I have ever used! I climbed onto the gizmo, trying to read the instructions inconspicuously while making it look like I was fiddling with my ipod. He he he. Yeah. It was right about this time that I realized that they'd parked this little beauty right in front of the window facing the parking lot. 

Great. Because really. Wouldn't the flexing, weight-lifting teenagers be a better advertisement than this baby-bootie!? Unless it's more of a sympathy thing - like, well if SHE can do this, than ANYONE can!

I have to admit. It turned out much better than I thought. I may have discovered a new joy in life. At least for the next 4 spaces left on my card :). Can't say I'm not persistent! 

And hey. My sister picked up a pair of snappy sport capris for me on her last shopping outing, and she's a MUCH better shopper than I am! There's that, at least!

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Anonymous said...

OK...hilarious...that could've totally been my post. You go girl!


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