Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here comes the bride :)

This summer J & I will pass the 10-year marriage milestone!

Wow. My twenties have passed by in a blur :).

Even with approximately 3559 days of hindsight :), there are very few things I would change about our wedding celebration. HOWEVER, it is still fun to look at glamorous wedding gowns and imagine what it would feel like to try one on!

Let's go shopping at best bridal prices!

Normally, I would probably go for something like this ... If I went strapless (although I'm not sure I could ever get over the fear of accidentally flashin' the crowd!!), I'd go for something more like this...
This is ... different! And this is really really pretty!

Of course, with the 10th coming up, I could probably order something elegant like this or this :) woop woop woop .....

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Roo said...

purty. i think you would look smashing in this #1 or this #2. ;) xo

Robin Fehr said...

I like the last pink one, that one would look good on you!


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