Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Last Sha-bang!

We were in the home stretch of a rather long day. Three hours of sleep (after a week of rough nights), congestion so bad my eyeballs were swimming - and even my hair folicles hurt! In a sea of Kleenex and Sinutab, you move through the day, eyes fixated on the 8th hour of the evening. Bed time. But alas, there was to be more adventure before the days end. Sweet K has a slight obsession with dog food. She likes to sneak a kibble in her mouth here and there. I find this terribly disgusting (I have been known to dry heave and almost toss my lunch over the thought!) and by the way she skedaddles, she knows it's a big NO NO! I am convinced that any day now, she might even start barking!! Anyway, she snags a "treat" and Little M, having watched my numerous episodes, proceeds to barf all over the floor.

All in a days work, right :)? Clean up on aisle 4!

Needless to say, bed time seems beautiful on days like this (especially when the patient-mommy voice started wearing  thin around 10:00 am!).

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