Monday, February 16, 2009

ya know what is fun :)...

... watching babies morph from tiny little babies into tiny little people :). lately my sweet k has been puttin' on the miles. and it is fun fun fun to watch her go from tentative to daring - 
letting go of the security and walking to me
     across the room
          landing in her sister's arms 
               gracefully nose-diving into her daddy :).

she has been more hesitant, for sure. less eager to explore the world around her than her older sister, far more content to watch the world go by and every so often put in her own two cents worth (though she does love the games Tackled By A Baby and Wrestling!).

but her sensitivity and her gentle spirit shine through every day, blessing me and nurturing me.

and reminding me. that it is okay to hang on tightly as long as we need to. there are some seasons in life when we need that extra security, stability, strength.

but, when the time is right, it is very okay to let go and venture out and explore the world.

and that, that is fun.

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