Thursday, February 19, 2009

sew sweet!

finally FINALLY i got to start on a project that i've been eye-balling since fall. i whipped out my sewing machine, and started sewing baby bath robes! all you need is a towel, some ribbon, thread and a sewing machine and VOILA! an adorable baby robe! well i don't have pics of mine to post just yet - they are still awaiting some adorable applique features... this is the project i am talking about.


after the drama of sweet k's arrival, and all the questions we faced after that (and there were many many many - more about that another day!), i began to dream of her running down the hallway in her own bathrobe. because embracing the miracles of milestones, watching them wander around, freshly scrubbed and rinsed :), in their very own little robes was a precious balm for my momma's heart! now that she's walking - or at least enjoying walking between things! - i NEEDED to get her a robe of her very own. and i wanted to stitch it myself, just for her. AND her older sister. 

now, to finish it off with the just-right embellishments :).....

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