Friday, February 13, 2009

A rant only a duvet can cure.

It's official. We need a bigger blanket around here, and since fall I have had my heart set on owning a luxurious, feather duvet. I am a terrible shopper and sometimes it takes me a great while to make my dreams come true. This has been no exception. AND NO END OF FRUSTRATION. The things I have learned about duvet shopping could fill a book.

Mind you, it would be a short book, but a book nonetheless :).

Did you KNOW that not all sizes were created equal. Some are 88x90. Some are 80x88. The wonderful blanket we found is a whoppin' 90x98! All these are "queen" sizes. And it wouldn't matter. IF the people who created DUVET COVERS would talk with the people over at the DUVET SEWING PLACE and, you know, cross-reference sizing numbers for easier CUSTOMER PURCHASE. After all, it's ALLLLL about the customer. And if I'm hoppin' mad because all these sizing issues are making my head spin (and more than a little unclear because of baby-induced sleep deprivation!), I'm less likely to buy your blankey. Plain and simple. 

Herein lies the tragedy. I am picky about the duvet cover because we have an ... ahem .... particular shade ... of carpet that we are working with here. And until the carpet goes (and that could be a while) color selection is limited (at best). And not one duvet cover that I like fits any of the duvets that seem to be available to me. Unless I ship it in from a different continent, and folks, I'm not that wealthy. 

What's a gal to do!? Any suggestions :)!?

Keep this in mind. I'm not a great shopper. I'm in the middle of the Manitoba prairies, and in the past week we've had snow, ice, rain, sun and wind - and the roads are in horrid condition.

Do you need to buy your duvet AND the cover at the same place? What happens if store A has a duvet with a better thread count than store B, who happens to have the snazziest duvet cover of all time?

One other thing to keep in mind. I COULD sew a complete bedroom set. IN FACT, I have a pattern for just the occasion. HOWEVER, when I mentioned that to J, all he could say in response was, "yeah, well we both know how well that goes!"

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