Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let the games begin!

Half (or maybe more than half, I have not yet decided!) of the fun of gardening for me is the dreaming. Hmmm. That is the part that involves no cost, no labor, no sweat - but can consume hours of imaginative time! Right about now, I switch from surfing Christmas craft websites (and book-marking all those fun projects that I'll never get around to!) and start hunting through a few garden favorites. Most ideas will remain dreams (unless a free landscaper comes my way!), but you never know which ones will take root and manifest themselves in some small (or large!) way with your own personal flair.

Here are a few gems....
 - Who could resist the ever-popular Better Homes & Gardens! I have so many ideas stored up in my folder that I wouldn't know where to start! And, really, some of this wouldn't even apply to my zone 3 turf! But it doesn't hurt to browse :).
 - I subscribed to the Canadian Gardening magazine for a few years. Chock-full of fun, color, ideas, tips, etc. A pleasant read!
 - My 8x16 vegetable plot, and my few flower beds, make it more important to think of small-scale gardening. I've read a few good books or browsed a few websites that provided some helpful tips: wildaboutgardening.org or gardeninglife.ca

Happy dreaming!

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