Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One more thing that I love!

Peas. Straight outta the shell, warmed in the garden by the summer sun, nature's candy - PEAS! And with all this snow and ice and cold I CANNOT WAIT to get out there and plant me some! It's coming. I keep looking out my back window to the garden area and I promise myself. THE WARMTH IS JUST AROUND THE BEND (it's a long bend, mind you...).

And I want an abundance of peas this year. Somehow, that just seems delightful. In reading a gardening book that I have, here are a few helpful suggestions in getting the most pea out of your pod :)....
1) I use tomato cages, and some people use chicken wire fence - but using a make-shift trellis saves loads of bending, is a great space-saver and makes picking a breeze! 
2) If you hill the plants once they are taller, the vines have better support, better moisture retention (as peas are not so great on water-deprivation!) and makes it easier to weed.
3) Soak pea seeds in water or milk, for 2-12 hours prior to planting. Apparently this helps quicker, better germination.

Hmmm, got any other handy little tricks :)?

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