Monday, February 23, 2009

the sweet life

some days are tough slugging. even breathing seems like a lot of work! but every so often, by an act of his great grace, God settles my angst and anxiety with his blanket of peace. and i am grateful! 

my weekend wanderings brought me to the city and back (with a duvet AND cover that actually match AND fit - and let me tell you, it's just not that easy!), alone, with a glorious morning drive (love being a SAHM but do miss those morning commutes sometimes!). i cooked and baked, and by golly, it actually turned out! i think i've had enough practice now for a while :). we got to share church with our friends, enjoyed visiting on sunday evening and actually slept through the night once in a rather long time :).

but it's the handiwork of God that makes life so sweet. those delightful moments where he sheds truth and light, insight and healing; it carries you through the next uphill climb, to the next oasis. and when there are others to share that with, all the better!

not every day, week or month is like this. in fact, the past years, and particularly the past 19 months, have been littered with challenges, strife, inner turmoil and searching. but God, in his great timing, does not leave us there. He meets us there and walks on with us. "tis so sweet to trust in Jesus..."

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