Monday, June 22, 2009


I've been wanting to do this post since Thursday, when I received a phone call.

Every time I get a phone call from one of the doctors or therapists that have been involved in our life, my heart still skips a little beat. Mostly the news is good now, which helps so much!!

Recently I received a message from Sweet K's (temporary) Speech & Language Pathologist. I've always gotten the impression that she's a super-nice gal. But Thursday confirmed it!! She'd contacted our region's coordinator, who is responsible for ensuring that our therapy request is properly placed in the queue. Last I'd heard, we were on a two-year waiting list (not good). But she advocated on our behalf. Offering just a wee bit of clarification, we were moved from the two-year list to second on the entire list!!

It reminded me how amazing it feels to experience someone coming alongside, offering that little extra assistance to go the next mile. The unrequested (but very much appreciated!) support that makes the world a much brighter and more manageable place. To know that someone took the time to advocate on Sweet K's behalf blesses me incredibly.

And reminds me. Whenever possible, offer that helping hand. You never know what difference it might make.


michelle said...

Oh what a great story! I love when good things happen like this. I am not certain what your daughter is dealing with or how old she is but if she keeps having great people like this therapist in her corner she will do just fine!

I love the concept of Paying It Forward - one little kind gesture at a time.

Roo said...



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