Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet K!

This morning, we started the day off at a bright and sunshiney 7a.m. That's not bad, but considering I was up with Sweet K TWICE for almost an hour at a time (stupid teething is all I can say!!), it felt e.a.r.l.y.

However, even in the fog, I didn't miss it. That realization that TODAY is my little girl's SECOND BIRTHDAY!! On June 30, 2007, at 9:27ish, we welcomed her with open arms (though in slight shock!!).

Here is her birth story, from J's perspective! The email we sent out to friends and family...

Kezia Elizabeth Dyck

Born: June 30, 2007 (9:25 am)

7lbs 10oz, 19.5”

Keziasweet-scented spice Elizabethconsecrated to God

Hi friends. The start of my summer holidays was a little more dramatic than I was hoping for. It involves a 911 call, two ambulances, a police car, two midwives, and Leah giving birth to our second child, Kezia Elizabeth, on the bathroom floor in record time while our firstborn, Mikayla, stood by watching most of it unfold. To quote Leah, “This was not part of the birth plan.”

Let me explain.

Although I was hoping for some time to relax and spoil Mikayla between the end of the school year and baby #2, we were prepared for a baby to come anytime because Leah was due on July 7. We were also prepared for a quick delivery because Mikayla arrived in less than 6 hours from beginning to end. What we weren’t expecting was that Kezia would only need one hour to make her presence known.

We were planning to go to the zoo with Mikayla on Saturday, June 30 to celebrate the end of the school year and to have one last “Spoil Mikayla Day” before the baby arrived. At 7:30 am we listened to the forecast and learned that there was a 30% chance of rain. While we deliberated whether or not to go to the zoo Leah went downstairs to shower.

At 8:00 I was still in bed. Leah informed me that she was experiencing some “contractions”. However, they were no different than the ones she experienced earlier in the week…which amounted to nothing. We decided to stay at home just to be on the safe side. I meandered downstairs to shave and shower. Unbeknownst to me, Leah’s “contractions” began to intensify around 8:15ish. In a matter of 10 minutes Leah went from no significant signs to 30 second, 45 second, and 60 second contractions. Leah called our midwife who informed us that we should start getting packed up soon and make our way to the hospital. When I came upstairs at 8:30 I found Leah was having contractions. I got dressed, grabbed some stuff, and got Mikayla fed and changed. It was going to be a while before Leah’s mom showed up to take care of Mikayla so we were already making plans to call in one of our backup babysitters or take her with us. Leah went to the washroom one last time. Her water broke at 8:50 am and we realized it was going to be tough to go anywhere. I called the midwife. She advised us to call 911 and that they would be here as soon as possible.

So…at 8:54 am I called 911 for the first time in my life. They dispatched an ambulance and the operator began to instruct me on what I would need to deliver my own baby…pillows, blankets, towels, safety pin, shoe lace…I’m glad I never had to use the last two items. Keep in mind that at this point in time Leah was lying on the bathroom floor…in active labour, Diggy was running around the house, and Mikayla was standing wide-eyed beside her mommy. And me…well, what would you do? I knelt beside Leah, one hand on the phone listening to the 911 operator, asking him to repeat himself between Leah’s contractions, held the head of the baby, and reassured Mikayla in a calm voice that everything was okay…that mommy was just having a baby. Sometime during that whole ordeal I managed to unlock the door for EMS and lock Diggy in his kennel so that he didn’t attack the ambulance attendants when they came to the door. While I was talking to Mikayla the operator realized I had another child near by. He kindly called one of our neighbours…because I and our phone line were somewhat busy at the time…to come take care of Mikayla.

I discovered that morning that it takes longer for an ambulance from St. Pierre to drive to Niverville than it takes me to drive from Niverville to St. Pierre. Besides…they have more stuff to unload from their trunk than I do. Isn’t it odd that when seconds count it’s more important to unload the entire ambulance before assessing the situation?

Put it this way. We were about 8 minutes away from me having to deliver Kezia myself.

Yes…the ambulance (both of them) and the midwives did show up in time for me to stand aside and take on a more passive role. Our friend showed up shortly after the midwife did and Mikayla missed the last few minutes. (If that won’t mess a kid up for life I don’t know what will.)

But had you been on our street that morning you would have seen two ambulances, a police car, two midwives’ vehicles, and a friend’s car outside our home.

Leah’s mom arrived shortly after 9:30. The ambulances were already gone so she had no idea what kind of drama we had experienced. When she walked in the door I informed her that she had missed it. Obviously she was confused. She looked down the hall to see Leah’s head on the floor…sticking out of the washroom and me standing in the hallway. Then I informed her that we had had a baby girl.

Recap: At 8:00 I was still in bed. At 8:30 I was coming up from the shower and Leah was experiencing moderate contractions. At 9:00 I was in the middle of delivering a baby. At 9:30 I was holding Kezia. Needless to say…if we had left for the hospital we probably would have given birth on the side of the road.

Everyone is doing fine. We never did go to the hospital. Mikayla can already say Kezia and has been willing to share one of her stuffed dogs with her. As for Kezia’s parents…we’re still somewhat in a state of shock. The whole thing is very surreal. It all happened so quickly that we were never really able to get mentally prepared. And then there’s the whole matter of actually delivering or almost delivering your own baby. Special recognition goes to Leah for delivering a baby on the bathroom floor and maintaining a fairly level head.

I do chuckle when J says he almost delivered Sweet K himself. I think I'd have given a bit of help on that one, with all the pushing and pain and all.

Here are a few pics...

Thanks for celebrating with us!!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes... that was one crazy day! I actually got a little teared up hearing that again. She's such a special sweetheart! I can't imagine life without her!
God Bless Kezia!

michelle said...

Ohmy gosh! What an incredible story! I don't have kids so all I can imagine is being utterly panicked! Way to go to your whole family for being such a great family and making this seem (at least in blog land words) so easily handled. I am sure it was a wild ride for all of you but what a beautiful girl Kezia is.....and that ladybug cake looks delicious!

a very sweet life! said...

I was more than stressed :P. One of my paranoias - not getting to the doc on time! It was ... survived :). It all happened so fast that there wasn't much time for anything else.

As for the cake - I will have to do a "story" of cakes sometime. They are getting ... better. But we've endured a few "winners" along the way :)!!!


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